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Every Living Thing Has an Atavism                                                                 BLOG POST V
August 28, 2016 by Peter Castillo -Leave a comment on side bar.

Atavism - recurrence in an organism of a trait or character typical of an ancestral form and usually due to genetic recombination. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Recently I filmed some scenes for my follow up YouTube video. I won’t claim to be a professional cinematographer, but my writer’s mind can spot a scene that may be good enough to grab someone’s attention.

It was night, outdoors, muggy, and the scene was an open space behind a warehouse. READ MORE 

​​A Terror Realized                                                                                                  BLOG POST II
August 6, 2016 by Peter Castillo - Leave a comment on side bar below.


It was two o’clock in the morning when the officer drove his cruiser through the quiet neighborhood. As he drove past the rows of apartment buildings and homes, he scanned the shadows left and right. He stopped his cruiser after he heard a metal gong sound. It came from the alley behind the home next to his cruiser. He reached for the handle of his spotlight that was mounted and extended out the frame of his windshield. The view between the homes gave a view to the alley. As soon as the officer directed his light in that area, an adult black cat scurried out of the passageway. It disappeared among the parked cars. The officer drove on.   READ MORE


Rocky Past                                                                                                              BLOG POST XI
October 16, 2016 by Peter Castillo – Leave a comment on the side bar above.

A jagged comet tumbled somewhere in deep space. It resembled an uneven-shaped old fashioned rounded dumbbell. It was the length of 40 football fields, lit by the far off sun, and was surrounded by distant spots of colorful odd-shaped stars. Emanating from the comet was a strange, echoed clopping sound. READ MORE 

Where’s My Driver                                                                                                 BLOG POST IV  
August 20, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar.

Imagine a business man has just walked out of an important and successful meeting. As he basks in the glory in front of the office building, his chest swells. The sun beams down on him, then the Ray-Bans appear on his face. He gets a text. “Your Uber car will approach you in one minute.” READ MORE

They Are Trained                                                                                                  BLOG POST X
October 9, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar above.

As it sometimes happens, this week’s blog idea manifested after reading an internet article. The article in question was about haunted places in every U.S. state. The article was merely a collage of photos and short paragraphs describing the properties.  READ MORE

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No Fear                                                                                                                     BLOG POST IX
October 1, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar above.

Imagine a woman in her thirties takes a walk through a park at night. The amber lights keep most of the park exposed, but there are still plenty of dark spots where a person can hide. The woman is aware of what may lurk in the shadows, but she doesn’t dwell on it. READ MORE 

Writer -

The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals. Madame de Stael

Dorito Burn                                                                                                               BLOG POST VIII
September 25, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar above.

The pinkish walls of the rugged tunnel were drenched in a slick clear substance. The walls also contracted and expanded. The tunnel was alive. A wave of a caramel colored liquid temporarily flooded the tunnel, then disappeared down the shaft. Afterwards, only the slick clear liquid covered the contracting and expanding walls. READ MORE 


A Terror Realized (Part Two)                                                                              ​BLOG POST VI 
September 10, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar above.

As per his schedule, Paul Keller walked out of his apartment building with his luggage. He motioned toward the cab driver to wait a moment. “I just need to check my SUV,” Paul said. Under the driver’s side windshield wiper was another ticket. Paul slipped the orange and white slip into his pocket, then he got into the cab. READ MORE 


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How’s Your Instrument?                                                                                     BLOG POST III
August 13, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar below.

I recently watched a YouTube video of a huge rock guitarist. His moniker is Slash, but his given name is Saul Hudson. His long black curly mane and signature black top hat is recognizable worldwide. He gained notoriety with the band Gun’s N Roses, and continued his success with other bands after he left Guns in 1996. Currently he’s back on tour with GNR, but for how long, only time will tell. READ MORE T-shirt


Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?                                                                              BLOG POST VII
September 18, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar above.

The human body contains 50 trillion mini-batteries called cells. That’s some serious voltage being sent out by over 7 billion people worldwide. This is science fact. Our energy is much like Wi-Fi. It’s invisible as it flows through the air. You can wave your hand through the air and cut through the energy of you and your neighbors. This is science fact. READ MORE

Being the New Guy                                                                                               ​BLOG POST I
July 30, 2016 by Peter Castillo –Leave a comment on side bar below.

We’ve all heard the phrase, Everybody has to start somewhere. Whenever a new venture arises, there’s always the initial transition of being The New Guy. The first day walking into a fresh situation and all eyes seem to be on you. You might prepare yourself beforehand with a checklist.

     * Travel plan to the destination.

     * New wardrobe.
     * A review of your training.