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Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?
September 18, 2016 by Peter Castillo – Leave a comment at the end. 

The human body contains 50 trillion mini-batteries called cells. That’s some serious voltage being sent out by over 7 billion people worldwide. This is science fact. Our energy is much like Wi-Fi. It’s invisible as it flows through the air. You can wave your hand through the air and cut through the energy of you and your neighbors. This is science fact.

At the end of our time on this planet, we are still energy; quantum energy manifestations of what we were when we were human. This is speculation, but an interesting hypothesis to base this article.

When we’re done here, what happens to all of our energy? Does it simply disappear, as when a grid malfunctions and blacks out an entire city block? On the flipside, could our energy get renewed, as when the fixed grid brightens the block once again.

Using this hypothesis, when we’re pure energy on the other side, we can go wherever we want in the blink of an eye. Imagine a favorite beachside resort you once visited while on vacation. As pure energy, it could be visited again and again with just pure desire to go there.

As pure energy, the former living could easily get entangled into the ever flowing energy that the current living sends out to the world. Wave your hand through the air again. You probably just brushed past an energy stream you once knew. Be careful, though, you probably could brush past a stream who just happened to spot you and liked your look.

Have you ever experienced a static shock? The shock could’ve been from touching a doorknob, or greeting someone. That’s a good example of our body’s natural energy. Some theories speculate it’s what gives us so-called psychic power. Have you ever thought of someone, and later your either bumped into or received a call from that same person? That’s a good example of our body’s natural energy. When we’re connected to someone or something for a period of time, our energies tend to find another; no matter if one is on the other side. Sometimes, an energy that was completely unknown to us, just happens to like us for some reason. This is speculation, but have you ever seen a ghost?

We are all pure energy. Some become aware of the power of positive energy, so that’s all he or she would want to have surrounding his or her space. Studies have shown a positive environment can greatly enhance a person’s mental capacity. We are all made of powerful energy. Its purpose and potential may one day be fully known to the living. For now, we can only theorize the ones who have left us know all about it.

The concept of ghosts goes as far back to when all man could do was draw in the caves. Unfortunately, entities are the only source that can give us definite proof of their existence; that is, unless you’ve seen a ghost. I’m sure there’s a few stories out there somewhere.



The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity. Edmund Burke

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