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Being the New Guy  
July 30, 2016 by Peter Castillo – Leave a comment at the end.

We’ve all heard the phrase, Everybody has to start somewhere. Whenever a new venture arises, there’s always the initial transition of being The New Guy. The first day walking into a fresh situation and all eyes seem to be on you. You might prepare yourself beforehand with a checklist.

    Travel plan to the destination.

    * New wardrobe.

    * A review of your training.

What is ultimately going to make you succeed in your new venture is how well you can adapt. Are you a good communicator? Can you follow instructions? Are you punctual? Are you a good listener? Can you keep people interested in you?

After you wake on the morning of your first day, you shower, get dressed, and have breakfast. Oh, great; you have to change your shirt after you spilled grape juice on yourself. You look at the clock; you have five minutes to change, brush your teeth, then head out the door. "Damn snooze button! It’ll screw you like the drive-thru," you say.

After your quick change, you grab your briefcase or backpack then hop into your car. Oh, great. You're not sure if the gas tank was filled the night before. You jam the key into the ignition then give it a turn with your eyes closed. “C’mon, buddy, we have to go to work,” you whisper as you tap the dash board. The engine vrooms to life, then idles to a relaxing purr. You open your eyes and say with a defiant fist, “Yes, a full tank.”  

You drive onto the congested freeway, but within moments you’re stuck in a bumper to bumper gridlock. You think to yourself, Ahh, construction; never saw that before. You make a mental note to look into public transportation. As the traffic slowly moves forward, you use the time to go over your training, but don't realize you're talking out loud. “Okay, if they ask, A goes into B. If it goes into C the molecular structure will disintegrate at the core causing massive destruction, chaos, and a backing out of all stock holders!” The driver next to you looks at you like you’re crazy.

Finally, you make it to your destination, but there’s only two cars parked in the massive parking lot. “That must’ve been some traffic jam,” you say. You park your car then head toward the entrance. At the door, a security guard meets you. He tells you the business is closed because of the holiday, but will be open the following day. You make a mental note to start writing stuff down instead of making mental notes.

When the official work day comes around, you step off the elevator. The first person you bump into is an attractive brunette. You extend a handshake. “Hello, my name is John Smith. I’m the new guy.”

Being the new guy can be a challenge in any profession. Whether you’re a carpenter, or in an office setting, or say a brand new author. Acceptance can take some time to come your way. If you meet the challenge with a good attitude, treat the customers right and give good service, then being the new guy just might not be so bad.



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