As a child, Pete was amazed by the theatrics of Star Wars and the rock band KISS. Around that same time, Pete got intrigued by the reruns of the original Twilight Zone. He didn't quite understand the storylines, but nonetheless, he was enticed by them. Since then, the artistic light in his mind began to flicker. It wasn't until he was older when fiction writing became an itch that needed to be scratched. 

During his Navy service between 2004-2008, Pete wrote his first screenplay while armed with "How To" books and that old itch.  


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He worked with a script doctor who gave him very thorough feedback on how his story could improve. Her comments stated that although his premise and characters had potential, it was not quite ready for Hollywood. The criticism was expected, because he was a new author. Just knowing there was potential was enough to keep Pete's creativity fuled.  

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After Pete's service, the urge to write still lingered, but real life took precedence. It wasn't long, though, until he had to open his laptop and type something. Eventually, on a particular day off, Pete channel surfed until he heard the infamous guitar intro to the original Twilight Zone. His boyhood curiosity kicked in, so he put his feet up and enjoyed the episode. By the end of the show, a storyline began to imerge that would eventually become Breach Of Consciousness. Pete's stories usually deal in the paranormal or unknown. 

Aside from writing, Pete enjoys traveling when he can. Leaving the familiar to experience new sites and cultures is something he thinks everyone should try. He also likes to stay healthy by running or taking long bike rides throughout Chicago. He likes horror and sci-fi movies, as well as an occasional rock concert. Although a bit rusty at billards, he still has a few trick shots up his sleave. 

Breach Of Consciousness is Pete's first novel. The follow up has a rough outline, so he's anxious to get started on it. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.  

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