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They Are Trained
October 9, 2016 by Peter Castillo – Leave a comment at the end. 

As it sometimes happens, this week’s blog idea manifested after reading an internet article. The article in question was about haunted places in every U.S. state. The article was merely a collage of photos and short paragraphs describing the properties.

Mentioned in the article was the immense Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, which Stephen King based his book The Shining. Various guests of the hotel have either claimed to see apparitions, or objects move without a human’s touch. In Los Angeles, the famous Hollywood sign, the Hotel Roosevelt, and the Cecil Hotel are known hotspots for famous ghosts. Reports from the Hollywood sign state sightings of old Broadway stage actress Peg Entwistle dressed in white.  The Hotel Roosevelt seems to be a favorite haunt for Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Cliff. The Cecil Hotel has had its fair share of murders, suicides, famous serial killer residents, and most recently a bizarre drowning of a foreign exchange student in the hotel’s rooftop water tank.

What began the spiral into this week’s idea, was when the article mentioned the Chelsea Hotel in New York. The hotel was a mecca for artists of all levels, including names such as Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, Dylan Thomas, and most notably Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. The latter two were part of the early Punk rock scene, and in 1978 became headlines after Sid was accused of stabbing Nancy to death in their hotel room.

Originally, the article was a map of locations of where I would like to stay and write. Instead, while reading about Hotel Chelsea’s most notable residents, Sid and Nancy, a link took me to a YouTube documentary about the couple.

The documentary retraced the entire timeline of when Sid met Nancy, to both of their untimely deaths. Interviews with old associates of the couple intertwined with photos and footage of the couple in different stages of their relationship.

The main question the documentary asked was, ‘Who Killed Nancy Spungen.’ Although Sid and Nancy were the only occupants of the room, they often had various guests. On the night in question, various people stated Sid was passed out from about thirty barbiturates he took. That tidbit of information made many in that circle question how Sid could possibly commit such a heinous act while in his condition. His defense was he didn’t remember anything, and only found Nancy’s body after he woke from his drug induced slumber.

While out on bail, Sid got into a fight which he broke a bottle on someone’s face. He was sent back to jail, but was again able to make bail. Not long after that, Sid overdosed on heroin. He was 21 years old. Following Sid’s death, the NYPD closed the murder case of Nancy Spungen becasue they believed Sid was the only suspect. Many in the punk rock circle believe the culprit had to be someone who visited the room while Sid was passed out.

If you’re familiar with YouTube, you know clickable screenshots of similar videos appear on the right hand side of the screen. After the documentary, I clicked on another more recent documentary that looked into the tragic death of Kurt Cobain.

The link took me to a preview of the documentary, which was available for rent. Another link took me to reviews of the documentary. As I read through the reviews by notable journalists, the main message I got from their take was, no new information was offered to counter what has already been reported. Kurt Cobain, front man to the rock band Nirvana, injected himself with a high dose of heroin, then used a rifle to finish his last note.

According to the reviews, the documentary about Kurt touched on theories and speculations surrounding his death. For many fans, they would like to lean toward the theories rather than the known facts of the case.

When some become so attached to their idols, they tend to disregard what has been written in black and white. Their idols can do no wrong, so other elements had to be at work.

I like conspiracies as much as anyone else, but a fact does remain in cases such as these. The detectives who investigated these cases are or were highly trained and experienced professionals. To say they bungled these cases would mean every other case they investigated would have to be scrutinized.

If by chance the findings in cases such as these get overturned, there will be many fans saying justice is finally served. For now, all we have are the facts that remain. Maybe some information is not meant for our knowing on this side of the spectrum.